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Outsourcing Overview :

Offshore outsourcing is a "high-gain - high-risk" proposition, powerful and perilous. The elusive key to a successful offshore venture resides in a twelve-letter word - Relationship. Offshore development is as much about technical skills and quality as it is about a relationship based on compatibility, trust and mutual respect.

List of common reasons why outsourcing is undertaken:

• Lower costs due to economies of scale
• Ability to concentrate on core functions
• Higher quality service due to focus of the supplier
• Improved internal management disciplines resulting from the exercise itself
• Less dependency upon internal resources
• Control of budget
• Faster setup of the function or service
• Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure
• Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions
• Purchase of industry best practice

Anywhere from one-half to two-thirds of all Fortune 500 companies are already outsourcing to India, and, according to Forrester Research.Offshore development is as much about technical skills and quality as it is about a relationship based on compatibility, trust and mutual respect.

QUS: What is the size and composition of the Indian Animation market?

ANS: The global animation market will generate revenues worth $50-70 billion by 2005. The total animation production by Indian companies is likely to touch $1.5 billion by 2005, up from $ 0.6 billion in 2001. India is well positioned to contribute to this burgeoning segment that promises a lot of action for the country's leading design specialists. These specialists are catering to the needs of overseas feature TV program production companies with a low penetration in areas such as feature film production and gaming.

QUS: What steps does NASSCOM recommend to grow the animation industry in India?

ANS: While India appears well positioned to play an important role in the global animation production market, NASSCOM recommends, the industry and concerned state governments to help increase the interest level of domestic audiences in animation; enter into co-production tie-ups with countries such as Canada to develop animation content; increase the range of applications for animation such as documentaries; develop a 'national brand identification' in animation; strengthen the interface between local studios and producers; take part in major global animation events; provide relevant funding and infrastructure for animation product development and set up animation parks .

India's strengths and edge in the market include the following:

1) Vast base of creative and technical manpower with english speaking ability.

2) Support from educational sector to educate new talent.

3) Low labor and production costs.

4) Animation industry supported by India's governing bodies like Information
& Broadcasting Ministry,APAI(Animation Producers Association of India)
and NASSCOM(National Association of Software and Service Companies).

We offers our services worldwide. By expanding our business internationally,the Design firm offers the solution to architectural/engineering & Other design firms that wish to grow, without growing their overhead. We are using the most up to date technology (computers) and the latest developments of this technology (programs) for creating solutions. By outsourcing your work to Us, you can successfully expand your business and not suffer from the following pitfalls:

- Inadequate office space.
- High costs for purchase and maintenance of technology and equipment.

The delicate balance between being overstaffed and understaffed.
The Design firm has been working for four years to this end. By outsourcing with people specialized in 3dvisualization production,3dmodeling,CAD Conversion,photo realistic architectural renderings and walkthrough, your studio/firm will enjoy the following benefits:

- Limit overhead costs to the firm and the client.
- Excellent graphic quality production in less time and at a low cost.
- Eliminate employee burn-out and overtime pay, or the need to hire an additional staff person.

The Design firm is uniquely positioned to fulfill client's needs worldwide. Our studio offers the most up to date technology and is equipped to handle any urgent production and presentation.Our flexible, collaborative approach analyzes the specifics of each sourcing challenge and encourages collaboration between us and our clients to spark creativity and lay the groundwork for long-term outsourcing success.

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